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Whats New?

NEW D-Star Repeater GB7DL (Currently under test)
A new D-Star Repeater GB7DL is currently being setup and is currently under test, click here for the GB7DL Website

Chat Section Upgrades / New Private Messaging Section
A new private messaging system has been built for registered users, to use it you MUST be registered and Signed In

The chat system has been given a few more upgrades including a selection of smilies

New Registration / Login System now LIVE and lots of changes
After a long time in the pipeline the new registration system is now built and active, It will allow multiple registrations for multiple callsigns (i.e. M6 - 2E0 - M0). If multiple callsigns are found for a user at login they will be asked which callsign they wish to use.

The downside to the new system is that ALL registered users that used to login using their callsign and password will need to re-register.

There has been a great deal of changes behind the scenes, Chat will now show the complete history so you can scroll back and catch up with everything, while you have your mouse over the chat it will not auto scroll (put your mouse outside the chat to allow it to scroll itself).

Net controllers no longer have the long list of names to scroll through, this has been replaced with a text box which builds a list as you type (so typing "VBR" will pop up a list of all of my callsigns), this technique works with callsigns or names so you can always find the person you want quickly (hopefully quicker than the long list).

Logged in users watching on hamnets are now auto added to the bottom of the list with a status of "watching hamnets", they will remain at the bottom of the list until they leave or are marked as active by the net controller.